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Northgard: uncharted lands


Metal Adventures is an epic role-playing game of action and exotic adventures featuring Space Pirates.
The adventure has only one limit: your imagination!

In Northgard: Uncharted Lands, you lead a viking clan discovering a new continent. Explore, build and develop bountiful territories, hunt terrifying monsters and fight the other clans!

As a powerful warrior-mage, do you and your allies have what it takes to become the first Soul Raiders the Seven Vales has known in centuries? Become the main heroes of this epic game!

Rise & Fall

High mountain peaks, freezing glaciers, mysterious islands, verdant forests and
bountiful plains… 
Will your colony overcome the natural wonders of this fantasy land to build a lasting civilization?


Reigns: The Council


Sit at the royal council table, play your role as the monarch or as one of the royal advisors and lead the Kingdom. Discover the many pleasures of royalty: obsequious advisors, poor decisions and good backstabbing.

Discover the universe of Eana and its many unique civilizations, battle the loathsome forces of Canker, find the lost portals of the Travelers, and ascend the stairs of the FATEFORGE!