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The Crowdfunding Agency is a uniquely set-up service whose mission is to empower games related projects creators and support their crowdfunding campaigns from its preparation to the rewards delivery, leveraging our team’s experience in this exercise, mitigating the risks for the backers, and maximising the opportunity for the creators.

In order to match your needs, we offer two options to support you:

  • Consulting: The agency advises you on various strategic key points of the campaign.
  • Campaign management: The agency is involved in the creation and management of the campaign, before, during and even after, according to your needs.

For each project, and after studying the information about your project, the agency reserves the right to accept or not your request for consulting or campaign management.


The agency does not manage the campaign, but supports the partner through a consulting mission on a daily rate basis, dividing the time budget according to your needs, before, during and after the campaign. For a majority of the campaigns that have opted for this formula, the agency manages to provide the required support within two days of consulting.

  • Campaign strategy (rewards, stretch goals, financial goal, animation of the campaign…),
  • Campaign page texts and illustrations,
  • Video content,
  • Marketing strategy,
  • Communication content review (publications on social networks, newsletters…),
  • Community management during the campaign (how to answer particular comments),
  • Updates content,
  • Pledge management/Late pledge tool.

The agency provides you with a quote based on your needs, including a number of days/person. 

Beyond 10 days, the Campaign Management formula applies.

Rate: from EUR 800 per day/person

Campaign management

The agency is involved in the creation and management of the campaign, before, during and even after, depending on your needs.

Creation of the campaign page

  • Writing of the campaign page,
  • Management of the illustrations creation for the campaign page*,
  • Management of the video creation*.

Marketing / communication

  • Marketing strategy,
  • Media/Influencers contact,
  • Social networks Community management,
  • Newsletters creation and sending,
  • Community forums (BGG) community management,
  • Campaign page community management (comments),
  • Ads management (banner ads, social networks ads)*,
  • Writing updates during the campaign.

Campaign follow-up

  • Writing updates after the campaign,
  • Setting up the Pledge management/Late pledge tool.

*The external costs (graphics creation, video creation, ads budget) are supported by the publisher.

The agency provides you with a quote based on your needs, including a number of days/person, for the work done before and during the campaign. The work done after the campaign will follow the same rate, but a new quote will be provided.

To the amount paid for the work done by the agency before and during the campaign will be added a profit-sharing formula, which is a percentage of the net amount raised by the campaign.

By remunerating the agency partly based on the success of the campaign, the interests of both parties are aligned to make the campaign as successful as possible.


  • The fixed cost, estimated in the quote (work done by the agency before and during the campaign), is guaranteed for the agency on a EUR 500 day/person basis,
  • Profit-sharing formula corresponding to 5 % of the amount raised during the campaign (depending on the scope of the action of the agency), which will be added to the fixed cost. 
  • Post-campaign mission on the basis of EUR 500 days/person.

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