Rise & Fall

Fact Sheet


Christophe Boelinger

Dogan Oztel 
Guillaume Beauchêne

Kickstarter campaign launch:
Q3 2022

Number of players:
2 to 4, up to 8 with the expansions

20 minutes / player

Casual and Core Gamers

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High mountain peaks, freezing glaciers, mysterious islands, verdant forests and
bountiful plains… Will your colony overcome the natural wonders of this fantasy land to build a lasting civilization?

In Rise & Fall, players control a civilization trying to expand in a fantasy world, displaying
a unique landscape where glaciers rest on islands and huge cliffs are common barriers to overcome. Each game brings a totally different map to the table, and the initial creation of the world is by itself a real pleasure.

Easy to grasp, Rise & Fall rules fits on the six cards of a player’s deck. Hard to master, its absence of randomness will please the more seasoned strategists looking for a fast-paced civilisation game.

Rise & Fall offers you:

  • Different colorful 3D board each game,
  • No randomness, players have full control,
  • Very immersive and dynamic gameplay.

behind the scenes

It is no secret that Christophe Boelinger likes games with some control over luck and
randomness (Dungeon Twister, Living Planet), but also very thematic ones. In Rise & Fall, he created an immersive civilisation game with a strong replay value, fitting under 2 hours of play.
Kickstarter is the perfect platform to help him connect with his player base and the target audience that this colorful deep strategy game will gather around the table.




The team

The Publisher

The Author
Christophe Boelinger

The Artists
Dogan Oztel 
Guillaume Beauchêne

The Communicators
The Crowdfunding Agency
Press / Business Contact: contact@crowdfunding-agency.com

The Game Builders
Synergy Games

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