Sit at the royal council table, play your role as the monarch or as one of the royal advisors and lead the Kingdom.
Discover the many pleasures of royalty: obsequious advisors, poor decisions and good backstabbing.

Reigns: The Council is a fast-paced party game where one of the players plays the monarch and the others play the not-quite-trust-worthy royal advisors. 

The advisors craft and present proposals to the monarch who either accepts or declines them, with consequences on the four pillars of society: church, army, people and wealth. 

The monarch needs to keep the balance between those four aspects while navigating the complex web of intrigue woven by the advisors and their secret goals. If one of the pillars becomes too weak or too powerful, the reign is over and it is time for a new monarch.

Behind the scenes

Reigns: The Council is made by Bruno Faidutti (Citadels, Diamant, Mascarade, …) and Hervé Marly (The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, Skull, …), working together for the first time on a new board game inspired by Reigns, the video games created by Nerial, published by Devolver Digital and downloaded by more than 4 million players.

The authors’ expertise to create iconic party games is a natural fit for Reigns’ streamlined design and dark humor. Our Royal Kickstarter campaign will introduce new players to the many hazards of absolute power. Conceived to please a wide audience, whether you are a Reigns fan, a board game connoisseur or just an average casual gamer looking for some fun, you’ll enjoy the thrill of deceiving your enemies and backstabbing your friends!


  • Authors: Hervé Marly & Bruno Faidutti
  • Artists: Arnaud de Bock & Hervé Marly
  • Funded in October 2019 (£ 106 524)
  • Number of players: 3 to 6
  • Duration: ≈ 90minutes
  • Target: casual gamers (family, friends and enemies)


  • Fast-paced party game with role-play elements
  • Streamlined design and gameplay
  • Written by Best-Selling authors
  • Inspired by an award-winning regal video game