How we work

The Crowdfunding Agency is a uniquely set-up service whose mission is to empower tabletop games creators and support their crowdfunding campaigns from its preparation to the rewards delivery, leveraging our team’s experience in this exercise, mitigating the risks for the backers, and maximising the opportunity for the creators.

Projects we have supported

Creatures - Funded in October 2020 ($531,172)
Fateforge - Funded in July 2019 ($125,877)
Northgard: Uncharted Lands - Funded in September 2020 (514,472 €)
Metal Adventures - Funded in March 2020 (50,320 €)
Reigns: The Council - Funded in October 2019 (106,524 £)

Our scope of activity

Campaign Design

  • Rewards design
  • Stretch goals design
  • Cost analysis, quotes and estimates
  • Graphic design of the project page
  • Convention attendance: demos / promotion / flyers
  • Media coverage, press agent, interview planning
  • Creation / Follow up of social networks
  • Writing the project page’s content
  • Advertising campaign / Communication


  • Community management of the project page
  • Community management of social networks 
  • Press follow up and media coverage
  • Strategic management of the project (stretch goal adjustment, rewards, novelties)
  • Writing news and updates 
  • Advertising campaign / communication 
  • Editing graphic chart / text of the project 


  • Community management of the project page 
  • Community management of social networks 
  • Writing news and updates 
  • Set up of the pledge manager / late pledge tool